Kia Kaha, Kia Ora | Be Active, Be Well




The Be Part of the Team campaign aims to support positive experiences for youth in sport by raising awareness of adult behaviour and attitudes, and to help develop a culture shift against poor behaviour in sport. Parents and supporters have a big role to play in encouraging all players, referees, coaches and volunteers to have good experiences whether they win, lose or draw. Sport Hawke’s Bay is taking the Sideline Behaviour campaign in a new direction, focusing on more than just behaviour on the sidelines. The ‘Be Part of the Team’ campaign will focus on raising awareness of adult behaviour and attitudes towards sport as a whole. This includes advice around supplement use in youth sport, sideline behaviour, parental/adult pressure, early specialisation, inclusion, children’s development, and the nurturing of athletes at the right pace.This programme also aligns to Sport New Zealands Balance is Better Campaign which also focuses on positive experiences in sport.    


Data shows that youth are dropping out of sport.   Whilst we recognise there are various reasons for this, research has indicated reasons for the decline (as stated by youth) are: They no longer find it fun, pressure to win/perform, a lack of confidence, and a lack of playing time.

This is program is about influencing attitudes in youth sport to make sure we are keeping kids in sport.

Children love being active and playing sport, therefore the programme is designed to support parents and caregivers (supporters) to help their child enjoy sport – and the side-line is only part of the picture. It also includes in the car ride between games, encouraging children to try multiple sports, and helping them to enjoy sport purely for their reasons for playing.

Whilst they may be playing in a competitive environment, most kids play because they want to have fun!

Research shows that the following reasons are why kids play sport:

  • Have fun
  • Hang out with friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Be fit and healthy

Often kids give up when they no longer find it fun.​​​​​​​


Parents play an invaluable role in club and community sports. Occasionally, however, some become over emotional, verbally abusive and sometimes even physically aggressive. It’s important that the inappropriate actions of a few parents don’t ruin the sporting experience for everyone else.
Examples of poor behaviour:
•    The use foul language makes threatening gestures and remarks directed at the coach, umpire or other team.
•    Have a win at all costs mentality
•    Trying to ‘coach’ and ‘referee’ from the sidelines
•    Concentrating on faults and failings rather than successes
•    Diminish everyone’s enjoyment of the game, including other supporters.

Inappropriate behaviour by adults can result in:
•    Children and adults giving up sport
•    Risk to the children or adults well-being
•    Reduced membership at clubs
•    Fewer people willing to volunteer as coaches and referees (and help out with community sport)
•    Risk to clubs and schools reputations

What people hear on the sidelines can have a marked impact on them for the rest of their sporting lives. Some may rise above it. Many can’t.
By raising awareness and providing support - and getting people to have children’s well-being at the centre of their thinking - we believe we can go a long way in reducing the growing drop-out rate in sport.